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== Resources ==
== Resources ==
[https://www.jpx.co.jp/english/derivatives/products/jgb/jgb-futures/01.html Futures Contract Specs]
== References ==
== References ==
<references />
<references />

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TSE 5-year JGB futures trade on the Tokyo Stock Exchange (TSE). They started trading on February 16, 1996.

Officially, there are still two Japanese government bond (JGB) futures contracts, TSE 5-year JGB futures and TSE 10-year JGB futures, listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange, but TSE 5-year JGB futures contract has not been traded since 2002[1] and today the term TSE JGB futures contract customarily refers to TSE 10-year JGB futures.

TSE 5-year JGB futures
Exchange Tokyo Stock Exchange
Settlement Physically delivered
Contract Size 100 million yen face value
Pricing Unit 10,000 yen per contract
Tick Value ¥0.01
Contract Months March, June, September, December cycle (three contract months traded at any one time)
Last Trading Day 5th business day prior to each delivery date (20th day of each contract month, move-down the date when it is not the business day). Trading for the new contract month begins on the business day following the last trading day.
Note: This contract is electronic ONLY -- no open outcry
  No Open Outcry Electronic
Trading Hours N/A 8:45-11:02, 12:30-15:02, 15:30-5:30

(Note) An order acceptance period ("pre-closing") is established for 2 minutes(5 minutes in the Night Session) before the Itayose on close.

Ticker Symbol N/A N/A
Price Limits N/A ± 3 points (3 million yen per contract)




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