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== Key People ==
== Key People ==
[[David Rutter]], Founder and Owner
*[[David Rutter]], Founder and Owner
[[Nichola Hunter]], Chief Executive Officer
*[[Nichola Hunter]], Chief Executive Officer
== References ==
== References ==

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Founded 2015
Key People David Rutter, Founder and Owner
Products U.S. Treasuries trading

LiquidityEdge is an "alternative" trading platform that controls about 5% of electronic U.S. Treasuries trading.

Its market structure allows its clients to choose between one-to-one or many-to-many models, facilitating a combination of anonymous and/or disclosed streaming executable prices.

LiquidityEdge also launched the first fully electronic aggregated streaming service for off-the-run U.S. Treasuries.


LiquidityEdge was established in 2015.

In August 2019, MarketAxess Holdings Inc., the dominant online corporate bond-trading marketplace, announced it had agreed to acquire LiquidityEdge for $100 million in cash and $50 million in stock.

Products and Services

Key People