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Farms Technology LLC
Headquarters Overland Park, Kansas

Farms Technology, LLC is a closely held private company that provides a variety of Internet based services for the Agricultural Industry, ranging from integrated electronic hedging platforms, to private cash commodity exchanges, to fully open public cash commodity exchanges.

These products are designed to automate the sales of cash commodity directly from the farm to buyers. Farmers may choose from a variety of marketing tools to help market their commodities. Buyers have the ability to procure more bushels using fewer resources.[1]


Products and Services

Farms Technology's Dynamic Pricing Platform (DPP) is where farmers log in to make, manage, and monitor their offers to sell grain. The platform gives producers the ability to do business with grain buyers 24 hours a day, without having to be near a phone or market quotes. The DPP watches every tick of the markets for them and its job is to get the producers the price they want. When that price is achieved, the DPP locks it in for them, and they are mailed a contract. If that price is not achieved, the producer pays nothing.[2]

Key People


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