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== History ==
{{Infobox Midpage Need Sponsor}} == Products and Services == == Key People == == News ==*In November of 2008, AgriCharts announced an integration initiative with [[Farms Technology, LLC]], a major player in the industry for online grain marketing and electronic marketplaces for farmers and grain buyers. Through their relationship, grain elevators, co-ops, ethanol plants and other grain buyers which use Farms Technology’s online grain trading system, the [[Dynamic Pricing Platform]] (DPP), can seamlessly integrate into AgriCharts’ systems for real-time quotes, Web site management and mobile services. This initiative provides a comprehensive grain marketing solution as buyers using DPP benefit from the integrated systems and the ability to automatically feed basis data into AgriCharts’ Web site management and mobile distribution systems, as well as real-time pricing services.<ref>{{cite web|name=Press Release|url=|org=BarChart|date=November 8, 2008}}</ref>
*In July of 2008, AgriCharts announced it had launched AgriCharts Mobile, an agricultural markets, news and weather mobile Web site.<ref>{{cite web|name=Press Release|url=|org=BarChart|date=November 8, 2008}}</ref>
*In January 2015 AgriCharts announced the launch of AgriCharts OnDemand (, a cloud-based service developed for accessing and delivering commodity market data and information using web services APIs.
== Key People ==
== Products and Services ==*Web site hosting and management*Market data and information*Web content*Real-time quotes for agricultural industry firms and websites operatedby local cash markets, grain elevators, co-ops and otheragribusinesses.
== References ==
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