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{{ICE_adbox}}{{Infobox_Company <!-- Feel free to remove comments like this when you add real info -->| company_name = | company_logo = [[Image:SuperDerivatives.jpg]]| key_people = David Gershon, CEO; Yuval Levy, CTO | foundation = 2000| location = Tel Aviv, New York, London| employees = 300| products = Market data and analytics| twitter = <!-- Twitter ID for the company, e.g. JohnLothian, or leave blank -->| linkedin = <!-- LinkedIn ID for the company -->| stocktwits = <!-- StockTwits ID for the company, e.g. JohnLothian, or leave blank -->| facebook = <!-- Facebook Page -->| homepage = [http]® is a provider of derivatives pricing| press = <!-- A link to where press releases can be found, trading and risk management solutions. or leave blank to omit -->| blog It provides real= <!-time accurate pricing for all options through a unique pricing model.- Blog site, or leave blank -->}}
SuperDerivatives, a subsidiary of the [[David GershonIntercontinental Exchange]] , is a market data and analytics provider specializing in derivatives pricing models, risk analysis and cloud-based market technology.<ref> {{Cite web|url=|name=About|org=SuperDerivatives|date=September 5, 2014}}</ref>  The company was purchased by the President [[Intercontinental Exchange, Inc.]] (ICE) in October 2014 for $350 million. ICE has integrated SuperDerivatives' tools into its trading and Chief Executive Officer of Superderivatives clearing platforms for analysis and risk management.<ref>{{Cite web|url=|name=Intercontinental Exchange Completes Acquisition of SuperDerivatives|org=Press Release|date=March 25, 2015}}</ref><ref> {{Cite web|url=|name=Intercontinental Exchange buying SuperDerivatives for $350M|org=Atlanta Business Chronicle|date=September 5, 2014}}</ref>  == Background == SuperDerivatives was founded the company in 2000by [[David Gershon]], and as of 2014 has over 300 employees in 12 offices globally.<ref> {{Cite web|url=|name=ICE to Acquire SuperDerivatives for About $350 Million||date=September 5, 2014}}</ref> Gershon continues to serve as chairman and CEO. The firm began as a data analytics firm for options markets. In 2004 it expanded into market data, publishing implied data from [[OTC]] markets. In 2013, [[SDX Trading]], a subsidiary of SuperDerivatives, filed with the [[Commodity Futures Trading Commission]] to become a [[swap execution facility]] (SEF). Its application was still pending in September 2014 when [[ICE]] made its bid to acquire the firm. <ref> {{Cite web|url=|name=Swap Execution Facilities|org=CFTC|date=September 5, 2014}}</ref> In May 2014, SuperDerivatives won the award for best derivatives data provider for the fourth year in a row at the Inside Market Data Awards.<ref>{{cite web|url=|name=SuperDerivatives named best derivatives data provider for fourth consecutive year|org=SuperDerivatives|date=September 5, 2014}}</ref> == Key People ==*[[David Gershon]], founder, chairman and CEO*[[Yuval Levy]], chief technology officer*[[David Collins]], CEO, SDX Trading LLC *[[Lewis Ranieri]] is the Chairman , advisory committee chair == Products ==*Market Data*Trading Technology and Analytics*Valuation Services*Cloud Services == References ==<references /> [[Category:Vendors]][[Category:Intercontinental Exchange]][[Category:MarketsWiki Page of the Advisory Board of Superderivatives.Day]]