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SuperDerivatives is a market data and analytics provider specializing in derivatives pricing models, risk analysis and cloud-based market technology.<ref> {{Cite web|url=https|name=Intercontinental Exchange buying SuperDerivatives for $350MAbout|org=SuperDerivatives|date=September 5, 2014}}</ref>
On September 5, 2014, [[IntercontinentalExchange, Inc.]] (ICE) announced its plan to buy SuperDerivatives for $350 million. The deal is expected to close in the 4th quarter of 2014.<ref> {{Cite web|url=|name=AboutIntercontinental Exchange buying SuperDerivatives for $350M|org=Atlanta Business Chronicle|date=September 5, 2014}}</ref>
== Background ==
SuperDerivatives was founded in 2000 by [[David Gershon]], and as of 2014 has over 300 emplyees in 12 offices globally.<ref> {{Cite web|url=|name=ICE to Acquire SuperDerivatives for About$350 Million|org=Atlanta Business|date=September 5, 2014}}</ref> Gershon continues to serve as chairman and CEO.
The firm began as a data analytics firm for options markets. In 2004 it expanded into market data, publishing implied data from [[OTC]] markets.
*[[David Gershon]], founder, chairman and CEO
*[[Yuval Levy]], chief technology officer
*[[David Collins]], CEO, SDX Trading LLC
== References ==
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