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ICE Coal futures

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|ctype = Energy <!-- Type of commodity, e.g. Agricultural, Financial, Weather, Emissions -->
|cash = y<!-- Y if the contract is cash-settled; leave blank if not -->
|months = Up to 84 consecutive month contracts. 25 to 28 consecutive quarters.Quarters are strips of three individual and consecutive contract months. Quarters always comprise a strip of Jan-Mar, Apr-Jun, Jul- Sep or Oct-Dec. 6 consecutive seasons.Seasons are strips of six individual and consecutive contract months. Seasons always comprise a strip of Apr-Sep or Oct-Mar. 6 consecutive years.Years are strips of twelve individual and consecutive contract months comprising Jan - Dec. Months, quarters, seasons and years are listed in parallel. Upon expiry of a December monthly contract an additional 12 months, four quarters, two seasons, and one calendar year are added. <!-- Contract months traded -->
|fnd = <!-- Rules for determining First Notice Date, or blank if none -->
|ltd = Trading will cease at the close of business on the last Friday of the delivery month, quarter, season, or calendar year as applicable. (Rotterdam, Richards Bay, CFR); 25th day of the month prior to the contract month. If the 25th day is a Non-Business Day, the contract shall expire on the business day prior to the 25th. (CSX, Central Appalachian).
|tickVal = 5 cents
|elect = Y <!-- Y if an electronic trading session exists; leave blank if none -->
|elHours = Open 07New York: 2:00, Close 23AM - 6:00 London local time (RotterdamPM, Richards Bay); 102:00 to 23- 18:00 (Newcastle, CSX, Appalachian). <!-- Electronic trading hours; leave blank if none -->
|elLimit = There are no limits. <!-- Price limits on electronic trading session; leave blank if none -->
|elSym = ATW (Rotterdam), AFR (Richards Bay), CRF (CFR South China), UCA (Central Appalachian), UCX (CSX) <!-- Ticker symbol for electronic platform; leave blank if none -->