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Prashant B. Bhuyan
Occupation Founder and CEO
Location New York, NY
Twitter @Prashant_Bhuyan
LinkedIn Profile

Prashant B. Bhuyan is an investment technology entrepreneur and cognitive data scientist. He is the founder and CEO of, a NYC-based investment technology company aiming to help investors mitigate cognitive biases and make better decisions through the use of machine augmented collective intelligence (MACI).[1][2][3]

Before starting Accrete, he spent a decade in high-frequency trading. He eventually recognized that the digital explosion had been creating new types of information processing and reasoning inefficiencies and shifted his focus to using machines to scale the tacit knowledge of analysts and extract alpha from language.

He is also co-founder and principal of Microstructure Research & Engineering Technologies (MRET), a data analytics company focused on solving problems related to the market microstructure and high frequency finance. MRET specialized in building algorithmic trading systems and analytics for financial firms.[4]


Bhuyan also co-founded Alpha Modus Research, a joint venture between MRET and a third party re-seller formed around a suite of cognitive imbalance forecasting tools.[5]

He also co-founded MRT Trading LLC with a former NYMEX vice chairman to trade U.S. stocks.

Bhuyan invented an award winning IBM Watson use case that improved the forecasting accuracy of stock prices into the close of U.S. markets and garnered significant attention. He was invited to present his work as a keynote at several conferences around the world and has also been interviewed on CNBC and Silicon Angle's the Cube.


Information overload is killing returns. AI is helping to change that for the IBM Watson blog

How fund managers can apply AI to turn data into insights in the IBM Watson blog



He is a graduate of Hamilton College.


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