David Gershon

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David Gershon
David Gershon.jpg
Occupation President, chief executive officer and founder
Employer SuperDerivatives
Website www.superderivatives.com

David Gershon is the founder and served as chairman and chief executive officer of SuperDerivatives, a market data and analytics provider specializing in derivatives pricing models, risk analysis and cloud-based market technology.[1] SuperDerivatives was acquired by InterContinental Exchange in 2014.


Previously, Gershon was global head of FX Exotic Option Trading for Barclays Capital,[2] based in the bank’s London headquarters. Also, earlier he traded emerging markets at BZW New York (later to become Barclays Capital) and at Deutsche Bank New York.


David has a Ph.D.[3] in theoretical physics (Superstring theory), and an MBA and M.Sc. in Finance.


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